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Invisible Layers

 In our fast-paced lives, we are increasingly overlooking things that should make us pause. We get superficial information through simple means such as television, internet news, and social networking services, and then decide what to do based on that information, or we judge things based on what we can see at a glance and are indifferent to what is actually happening behind the scenes.


 However, in the midst of this way of life, there are unexpected events that threaten our lives due to things that are hard to see on the surface but should not be overlooked. The reason why I started this project was because I became aware of the invisible things after watching the news about the radiation damage in Fukushima seven years ago. Not only the nuclear accident, but the world is full of events that are difficult to recognize on the surface. But we don't want to be aware of them. It's hard to get away from superficial and convenient values.


 This work is a visualization and abstraction of what I imagined to be "a layered hierarchy that is not superficial. Normally, the invisible layers overlap each other, following different processes, and the top layer is visible as a two-dimensional image. Elements such as color, shape, space, and time are all made up of multiple layers, which overlap accidentally and inevitably. By capturing this contingency and inevitability in two dimensions, I hope to provide an opportunity to become aware of the invisible layers.


Series from "Invisible Layers", archival inkjet prints - size varies, 2018.

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